The True Story of “West Coast Blues”

by Jaan Landheer

The True Story of "West Coast Blues" by Jaan Landheer
Sometimes a song writes itself, coming from the depths of an unexpressed desire or loss, guided by the mysterious forces of nature. “West Coast Blues” is a story of grieving, mixed with a touch of sunshine, exploring the gray area we call being human.

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Tracing Faces: The Power of Music

by Tracing Faces

Tracing Faces: The Power of Music
Why do you enjoy music? Is it the compelling lyrics, catchy melodies, or addictive rhythm? We are Tracing Faces, and we believe that every song is an opportunity to change a life for the better. Music is an incredibly powerful form of art, and with every lyric, melody, and rhythm we write we are striving to produce emotional content for you to blast in the car, listen through your headphones at night, or scream out loud at live shows.

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One Mountain At A Time

by Reaching Every Mountain

One Mountain At A Time by Reaching Every MountainBased out of Poughkeepsie, NY is Reaching Every Mountain, a solo singer-songwriter who experiments with many different styles, always trying to raise the bar with each release. With his latest release, the “Heart On Fire” EP, he feels as if he’s found the sound he has been chasing for what seems to be his almost 8-year writing career.

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How I Tell Stories Without Words


How I Tell Stories Without Words by AEONN

Photo by Erin Floyd

Ultimately, I am not a musician. I’m a storyteller. I just happen to be very good at using music as a medium of communication. , and that is why I have always been fascinated by film scores. Everyone loves a good story. My music is definitely a journey that I invite my audience through. And if it triggers an emotion, then I consider my job almost done. Moreover, I intend to say something that you can relate to, hopefully.

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