The Reverse Fahrenheit (EP DEBUT)

by Flakestate

Flakestate - The Reverse Fahrenheit (EP DEBUT)
Flakestate is an Odyssey
& an inquiry into the
wonderful perplexities
of existence & meaning .

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Future Nostalgia

by Catherine Swan

Future Nostalgia by Greg Connors

Photo By Gretchen Pellaton

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Greg Connors about his new single “Future Nostalgia.” As I was listening, I was so drawn into the track, which prompted further listening to Connors’ vast cannon of eclectic material. I found his songs speak to me in a familiar voice, both vulnerable and comfortable. His melodic, yet ‘cut the crap’, self-styled phrasing dances with a deliberately off-kilter, sweetly angular guitar motion.

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The Time Of Love Is Now

by Matthew Hughes

The Time Of Love Is Now by Matthew Hughes aka Ataurus Minor
The album A Beard Of Stars from Ataraus Minor was recorded accidentally on purpose when I bought my first bass guitar and wanted to practice to some T. Rex songs. I started recording, and a week later, the album was finished. I played and recorded everything you’ll hear. The words and music are, of course, by Marc Bolan.

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The Nostalgia Factor

by River Westin

The Nostalgia Factor by River Westin
It took a while to figure out what about music effects me the way it does. I knew melody was the first thing that hooked me into a great song and has always been my starting point when writing, but one day it just hit me.

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