Tracing Faces: The Power of Music

by Tracing Faces

Tracing Faces: The Power of Music
Why do you enjoy music? Is it the compelling lyrics, catchy melodies, or addictive rhythm? We are Tracing Faces, and we believe that every song is an opportunity to change a life for the better. Music is an incredibly powerful form of art, and with every lyric, melody, and rhythm we write we are striving to produce emotional content for you to blast in the car, listen through your headphones at night, or scream out loud at live shows.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

The Boulevard EP

The Boulevard EP is the first studio release from Tracing Faces. The album discusses a common struggle that we all find at some point in our lives, which is figuring out who we want to be and who we will become. The 5-song release captures influences from many different genres, ranging from the energetic pop-rock track In My Head to the guitar-heavy rock song Busy Days. The album is available everywhere for streaming and purchase.

Note from lyricist Cole Maurer

I started writing music to address certain things in my life that I needed to get out somehow. After a few years of playing on the piano in my room and keeping it all to myself, I realized the power of relaying that music was much greater with heavy guitars, loud drums, and some solid bass. The lyrics I write help me deal with the struggles of everyday life, and I hope that by making them public other people might be able to relate to them and use them too. In addition to this, the music we write as a band is intended to make people feel something powerful, and I am very excited to share that with you through The Boulevard EP. Thanks for listening, and never stop creating.

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Tracing Faces

Tracing Faces, Category: Artist, Singles: The Boulevard, Alive, Top Tracks: In My Head, Famous, The Boulevard, Intro, Busy Days, Biography: Tracing Faces is an energetic four-piece alternative-rock-pop-punk band consisting of frontman Cole Maurer, lead guitarist Chris Fallon, bassist Parker Olszak, and drummer Cole Thomas., Monthly Listeners: 148, Where People Listen: Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa



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