Finding a Balance between Self-Expression and Self-Isolation as a Musician

by Isabel Tarcson

Finding a Balance between Self-Expression and Self-Isolation as a Musician by Isabel Tarcson
I was taught that to be a true musician, one has to make a choice between a social life and success. This is a concept that I have struggled with for the past two years before writing Sunset Club. I first became introduced to the idea of being a performer with classical music, mainly opera. To be a successful classical musician, one must spend all their free time practicing, learning, thinking, and breathing music. That isn’t the life for everyone.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

I first became interested in writing music when I started listening to Regina Spektor when I was 12. There was something about helping people feel through music and metaphors that was insanely intriguing to me. I began writing my first collection at 14. However, I didn’t even consider releasing music until I began my freshman year of college.

I’ve always known that music was going to be a big part of my life and that it helped me express myself in ways that I was incapable of doing with spoken words. I could tell elaborate, fantastical stories and create emotions through music that I was unable to process on my own at the time. However, this comes with drawbacks as well. I had a lot of trouble just talking about how I feel or really letting people get to know me, and I still do.

As a classical musician, a silly queer-pop artist, and a full-time college student, I feel as if I don’t have much time to express myself to others. That’s what Isabel and Sunset Club are really about. In these EPs, I wanted to say something real. Through a blend of dreamy synths, piano, and sometimes soulful vocals, I wanted to tell a real story. I wanted to tell my real, true story, and that’s what Sunset Club wholeheartedly tries to do.

Gemini, a longing for something that I can’t have,
Hello Winter, a sigh of relief that the worst of it is over,
Again Again, a quirky declaration of independence,
Sunset Club, looking in the mirror and seeing what I really am.

I am heavily inspired by Fiona Apple, King Princess, and SuperOrganism, and I plan on writing more music like this from now on!

I hope you take a listen, get to know me, and join my sunset club 🙂


Join my sunset club

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