The Reverse Fahrenheit (EP DEBUT)

by Flakestate

Flakestate - The Reverse Fahrenheit (EP DEBUT)
Flakestate is an Odyssey
& an inquiry into the
wonderful perplexities
of existence & meaning .

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

Flakestate’s Music
is a positive force for good ,
& a luminescent
searchlight into
the unknown .

The name is coordinated with the sacred mathematical geometry found in nature which is keenly demonstrated within the structural state of snowflakes ; also inspired by a field of study called “cymatics” , Kaleidoscopic (geometric) shapes caused by resonating vibrational frequencies , which are the foundations of Music in the first place .


Flakestate is a project that strives to solidify a big-picture sound & presence .

Flakestate believes in positivity , & helping good causes around the world while simultaneously keeping the awoken mind in tune with the mysteries of our universe .

Visit FLAKESTATE.COM to follow the Odyssey .


Flakestate, Category: Artist, Singles: The Reverse Fahrenheit, Haunt, Haunt – Single, Just Fine, Top Tracks: Haunt, Haunt (Reprise), No Matter, Just Fine, Haunt, Biography: There is so much left to know ., Monthly Listeners: 12, Where People Listen: Tampere, Espoo, Pinto, Invercargill, Tokyo

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USA, Japan, Switzerland, Germany
Alternative Rock, Alternative, Electronic, Rock, Piano
Piano, Rock, Alternative, Quantum, Electronic, EP, Album, New, Debut, Nostalgia, Vapor Wave, Crypto, Vocals

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