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While the revenue for your music itself is growing, you as an independent artist also create a lot of other web content for free. Whether you promote a new release or tour, or just to keep contact with your fans.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be paid for that, too?

Promote your music. Don’t pay, get paid!

Social Media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are free services, right. They do, however, make big money with your content, as do blogs that help you promote your music and build your career.

At Soundposter, we are different. We stand for a movement away from traditional revenue models, shifting the scales in the independent artist’s direction. Also, we aim to let independent artists explain their music in their own words. We do neither exclude artists nor do we censor texts, as long as they stay within legality and our terms & conditions.

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Online Advertising Made Easy

Online advertising is very complicated and often opaque. It is not easy to find advertisers to place ads on your webpage unless you bring in millions of visitors.

Here’s where the mySoundwork network comes into play. We provide a blog written by independent artists, for fans of independent music, sharing advertising revenue along with a straightforward and transparent model. You as an independent artist will receive a flat $1 per 1,000 visitors to the blog posts that you write.

This model is quite similar to YouTube. The difference is that we pay a flat rate, that is higher than what you will receive from others. Also, we transfer your money within the first ten days of each month, as long as you have an outstanding credit of at least $10. Others make you wait for much longer since they have first to calculate their revenue. On top of all that, we do not place the ads inside the content so your fans will be able to focus on you and your music.

We stand for fairness, and we also kindly ask your fairness. We make only revenue with real web traffic. Automated bots or “one-second-visits” do not generate ad revenue. If we find the evidence of such practices, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures, because it does harm to everyone in the community.

Write Blog Posts

You can write as many blog posts as you want, and post as often as you like. Get your music heard! Our blog posts are structured, and all contain:

  • a sound source already online (audio or video)
  • an image already online (public or on your personal cloud drive)
  • a title
  • an introduction
  • the body text, your actual information to your fans
  • as many links as you like

We help you through the entire processes with our easy to understand widget.

Build a Community

There’s a lot of content already out there. While we help your blog post get noticed and provide a platform for you to share your content on, it is also up to you to spread the word. Write Tweets, post to Facebook or Instagram or share any way you like!

We understand mySoundposter as a community made up of independent artists and fans of independent music, and we kindly ask you to bring your fans to the community. The more people you bring, the more revenue you will get. Since we think your fans will love your posts, they will probably read more than just your blog, and other artists will benefit as well. In turn, the more fans reading independent artist blogs, the more revenue for all.

Make Money

At the end of each month, if you have a cumulated credit of at least $10, we will pay the outstanding amount within ten days and process the transfer through PayPal so you will need a PayPal account to receive payments. Please make sure we have the email address connected to your account.

You can see the visits to each blog post. Log in and click on the share button of the respective Soundposter™ in your account on We update the statistics once per day.

You can also see your accumulated credit in your account settings. Log in and click on your name in the header. We update the information for you every day.


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