«What a wonderful chance you give to the musicians (and fans)! – A look without preconceived ideas, open to discovery, not guided by the media or fashion : what should be our relationship to music and art in general.»
Phog – France

«I very much appreciate this idea, a window into the artist, and the website is fun to peruse.»
Tatyana Kalko – New York

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Pablo Drexler – London, UK

«The mySoundposter.blog is such a great website for independent artists to share their stories and promote their music.»
Nine Year Sister – Queensland, Australia

«Thanks for helping me and folks like me talk about what we love.»
Ace, The Facades – Amherst, Massachusetts

«That’s a really cool idea actually, to have a space where musicians can share their stories in their words.»
Karuah – Byron Bay, Australia

«I love what you are doing and have read some of the amazing artist that you have had.»
Theodore Harper, haunted reverie – Indianapolis, Indiana

«I’m really glad to see such an opportunity. I think your action is really praiseworthy.»
Yulo – Warshaw, Poland

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Fair Heart – Corning, New York

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Dean Wolfe – British Columbia, Canada

«The blog has got me many listens.»
Vic Da Looper – El Paso, Texas

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