One Mountain At A Time

by Reaching Every Mountain

One Mountain At A Time by Reaching Every MountainBased out of Poughkeepsie, NY is Reaching Every Mountain, a solo singer-songwriter who experiments with many different styles, always trying to raise the bar with each release. With his latest release, the “Heart On Fire” EP, he feels as if he’s found the sound he has been chasing for what seems to be his almost 8-year writing career.

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Band or Solo Project?

While playing in many different bands throughout high school and long after, Reaching Every Mountain started as a solo project for Bryan Corns. He always loved playing in bands and sharing his passion with others, but at the same time, he wanted an outlet where he could do exactly what he wanted, with no questions about it.

Even with this state of mind, he couldn’t help but turn Reaching Every Mountain into a full band. Many different members came and went, with Bryan’s good friend Andrew P. being the only constant member, playing shows together and sharing the song-writing obligations. After such an inconsistency with the band’s lineup, Bryan once again decided that Reaching Every Mountain was indeed meant to be a solo project.

The meaning of the project was too heavy to be able to share with anyone, he felt. Reaching Every Mountain’s name came along on one sunny day drive, where Bryan came up with the name using his late cousin’s initials, R.E.M. Every show played, and every note was written was promised to be in his memory from the start. On The “Small Step For Man” 2 song EP, Bryan has a song written in his memory, a song that will always be one of his most meaningful.

An Open Book

In his next release, “Like Living In A Movie,” Bryan writes about failed relationships, loneliness, substance abuse, the hope in one day finding love, and the 8 track album ends with a heartfelt apology to all those he has let down. The next few singles released, “Better Days” and “The Day I Realized We Must All Grow Up,” were mostly written in what could be looked at as his darkest days, and the feeling that those experiences were to blame for a lot of friendships and relationships dwindling.

One thing is for sure, through his music, he has always been an open book. Music is one of, if not the only way he knows how to explain his feelings and emotions.

Bryan tried to lighten the mood with his 6 song EP, “In The Wind.” He wrote about mostly the same topics but gave the instrumentation a much more upbeat feel. Then, you could say, came another dark period, in which he released the singles “The Darkness” and “Would You Approve?”. Although the topics kept getting darker, Bryan felt as if he was expanding his repertoire with a much different sound.

Reaching New Heights

With each release he has put out, Bryan just feels as though if recognized for anything, it would be his attempt at always trying something new, and to not be afraid to travel to new heights, or how he would put it, reach more and more mountains.

With his latest release, for what seems like the first time in his almost 8 year career of writing for this project, Bryan found the topic, or feeling, of love to be the inspiration of his 3 song EP “Heart On Fire.” This is probably Bryan’s favorite release because, over the past decade, he has gone through some very difficult and dark times, and he is proud of the fact that writing with a more positive attitude came so quick and easy for him.

He hopes you enjoy all of the efforts put into his latest release, and hopes for everyone who hears it to take it in and then ask, “what’s next?”



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