This Will Make A Fun Story One Day

by _The Spotlights

This Will Make A Fun Story One Day by The Spotlights
Blurry lights, late-night, pink roses, and a tremendous amount of drama: Enter the world of The Spotlights. My name is Vincent, and I’m here to tell you the story of our first EP called THISWILLMAKEAFUNSTORYONEDAY.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

We always tried to find the perfect visual aesthetic for our bittersweet and kinda mellow sound. This is why The Spotlights is not only a band but is a cocktail between visual and musical references, that could perfectly represent our aesthetic.

Talking about our sound, many are the artists that inspired us, from The Smiths to The Neighbourhood, The 1975, LANY, Lana Del Rey. We tried to achieve a clean, really “androgenic” sound, that mixes moments of sensuality with some more emotional vibes.

If The Spotlights were a book, they would be a mix between Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” and Oscar Wilde’s “Picture Of Dorian Gray.”

We all think that these two books at best represent what’s behind the music and lyrics of our songs and we’ve been really inspired by these two writers.


If you ever thought about running away on the night or if you ever fell in love with that girl with bright eyes who was waiting for the train next to you, if you’ve ever romanticized anything, this is for you; this is the anthem of a teenage drama. We hope you’ll like it. But at least try to live the experience, this will make a fun story one day…


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