I’m Soul Jam, the Teen Musical Artist

by Soul Jam

Soul Jam (The teen Musical Artist)
Soul Jam. I am a 17 year old teen from South Africa. Who entered the music world through DJ lessons with my uncle at age 8, leading to me being a self taught semi advanced producer at the age of 16. After A few years of training my ear for music as I’ve tried to develop a unique sound for myself, experimenting with my Hip Hop /RnB /House friends, who have been doing the music thing for a while.

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Finding Balance Between Music and Emotion

by Christopher Downing

Finding Balance Between Music and Emotion by Christopher Downing aka X-P38


I’m a 26-year-old Electronic Rock musician from the New River Valley in southwest Virginia. X-P38 started as a form of experimental techno mixed with a little bit of hip hop and a dash of rock. There are currently 40 self-produced albums and releases on my Bandcamp, and I’m still working almost every day to write music because I love to express my feelings through any kind of sound that I can make.

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And Then What Happens? Consciousness Evolves!

And Then What Happens? Consciousness Evolves! Baba Brinkman

After fifty-five off-Broadway performances in New York since March 1st, Baba Brinkman took a short break over the past few weeks. He was not leaning back, no, not all. And now Rap Guide to Consciousness continues off-Broadway for another five weeks of fun, music, and education.

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On a Nightwalk with Beatmaker Peter Bark

On a Nightwalk with Sounddesigner Peter Bark

On June 11, Peter Bark released “Nightwalk” on Bandcamp. The hip-hop sound designer and beatmaker already filled the dozen with his newest album. While Peter likes to keep his music alias separated from his real life, he gives some insight on his musical travels in this interview executed by email.

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