The True Story of “West Coast Blues”

by Jaan Landheer

The True Story of "West Coast Blues" by Jaan Landheer
Sometimes a song writes itself, coming from the depths of an unexpressed desire or loss, guided by the mysterious forces of nature. “West Coast Blues” is a story of grieving, mixed with a touch of sunshine, exploring the gray area we call being human.

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Equipped with a microphone, acoustic guitar, and my voice, I embarked on capturing the rawness of falling out of love and the emotions that follow. There’s something cathartic yet gut-wrenching in exposing the inner-thoughts that come from feeling betrayed, reflecting on my part, and working towards moving on.

“West Coast Blues” originated in Oregon, and was completed in California as I transitioned from one lifestyle to the next. Struggling with my mental health after a break-up with someone I saw as the love of my life, everything was turned upside down. It was imperative to have some form of expression to resist falling into the abyss. Relocating to my hometown of California and unable to work, I yearned for some sort of expression to heal and poured my energy into my music.

If I could have one ambition for this collection of songs, it’s the hope that they reach someone’s ears who need to know that they are not alone in a trying time. It can be scary to put yourself out there and share what you’ve been through. But it can also be a beautiful transformation in meeting others who feel the same way and need to hear your story more than you would ever know.

Jaan Landheer

Jaan Landheer, Category: Artist, Albums: Magic, Love, Singles: West Coast Blues, The Miracle State, If It Wasn’t for You, Human Being, Change, Top Tracks: Someone I Once Knew, Amends, San Francisco, Depths of Grey, Magic, Biography: Meaningful lyrics are Jaan's strong suit.

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Singer-Songwriter, Alternative, Indie
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