The Reverse Fahrenheit (EP DEBUT)

by Flakestate

Flakestate - The Reverse Fahrenheit (EP DEBUT)
Flakestate is an Odyssey
& an inquiry into the
wonderful perplexities
of existence & meaning .

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Nature Poetry

by Križaj / Wehrli / Gisler

Nature Poetry by Križaj / Wehrli / Gisler
“Nature Poetry” (the album!) is the striking byproduct of the dance performance “Nature Poetry” by Križaj / Wehrli / Gisler. With inexhaustible eager, the choreographers Jasmina and Simon, and the musician Daniel jump into the bushes and transform their naiveté into a virtue. To be listened with closed eyes or while traveling alone – and one or two songs can even boost your party!

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How to do a DIY Music Video

by A Naked Kiss

How to do a DIY Music Video
As a home recording artist, my budget for making music is rather low. Much more, I can’t afford to spend money on a music video. Therefore, I decided to mix several royalty free videos for A Naked Kiss’ first single Water Goes, Where Water Flows. I like the result very much, and believe it matches very well the spirit of the song.

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