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You love independent music and to explore new artists. You listen to music online, on free or on paid platforms, and you understand that artists have to be paid for their content, since they have to pay their bills, too. So do we at Soundposter.

Wouldn’t it be cool then to support your favorite musicians and independent artists in general, just by following a blog?

Support by Reading

On the mySoundposter blog, artists write in their own words about their music. Always including an album, track or video, so you can listen to the music while reading. No filter, no one in between you and your favorite music. We do neither exclude artists nor do we censor texts, as long as they stay within legality and our terms & conditions.

Best of all, the artist gets paid whenever you visit a blog post, since we let her/him participate in our revenue. As a result, the more you explore independent music on the, the more you support independent artists. Most noteworthy, it’s absolutely free to you. You need no account and no credit card.

Build a Community for Independent Music

We understand mySoundposter as a community of independent artists and fans of independent music. We value both equally because without either side it wouldn’t make any sense.

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