SoundFields, A Remarkable Story

by Robert Fields

SoundFields, a Remarkable Story by Robert van der Velden aka Robert Fields

Apart from being behind the band SoundFields, I (Robert Fields) am the main character in a screenplay about someone who started thinking back in 2007 that he is the one John Lennon wrote his song, Doctor Robert, about.

You might wonder how someone comes up with such a thought. One reason is that I was already around when the song Doctor Robert has been written. The Beatles’ songs filled the room where I lived when I was just a little child; when something dramatic happened: I nearly died.

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Between Continents: Feathers, Wood ‘N’ String write rock music from across the globe.

by Sarah Fletcher, Feathers, Wood ‘N’ String

Between Continents: Feathers, Wood 'N' String write rock music from across the globe.
Feathers, Wood ‘N’ String was born of a move between continents, a 24 hour trip between us and our family and friends, a new climate and culture, and unrestricted time together, just ourselves and Lloyd’s guitar. Three years on, we have developed our own brand of alternative rock, varying from soaring indie clean tones to heavy distorted ones, and we produce all this on our own in a one bedroom flat in Southampton, UK, a base 16,356 kilometers from our hometown of Adelaide, South Australia.

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Love The Sinner: Self-Acceptance and Starting from the Beginning

by Didi Fever

Love The Sinner: Self-Acceptance and Starting from the Beginning by Didi Fever
In the wake of trauma, and especially abuse, there is often a bottoming out of the self: it can feel like everything you were has been hollowed out and replaced by this terrible event. When I started to heal, I began writing songs.

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A Phobia of Repetition

by Cold Pickle

The Phobia of Repetition by Cold Pickle
I grew up listening to a lot of alternative rock music — a good handful of hip-hop but nothing in-depth. Most of my musical influence came from Nine Inch Nails and the “industrial uprising.” My parents met at a Ministry concert at the first actual venue I ended up playing at, in the closest city’s bar scene. My dad got me into every good popular metal, hardcore, punk, rock band I can think to listen to today, besides newer bands of this generation.

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Painting Dolphins On The Wall

by _Dude is Walk

Painting Dolphins On The Wall by Dude Is Walk
My friend that traveled with me said this one thing that music is magic and it is all that creates reality. I didn’t understand that until things I wrote in songs started to happen in my life in the future. That’s where I will leave off. Grateful to join this community.

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Dignity of The Unknown

by Euan B Graham

Dignity of The Unknown - The Music of Euan B Graham
I began with a classical training from age eight on violins made by my grandfather, from a half size to three quarter, then to his “number 2” with a finessed fiddleback grain in high glaze. His Luthier’s hands I remember as large and gnarly as they would trace the creases of my palm to elucidate future prospects. After ten years of scales and arpeggios working my way through graded texts filled with compositions by the gifted and deceased, a final concert in the embers of 1990 marked the occasion of my last musical performance on stage, aside from dreams.

Barely 12 months passed before my own strange sounds were committed to cassette tape for the first time, born of a natural necessity to do, and it was this background of prescribed exam pieces that gave me something to react against.

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