Why “TheSymphny”?

by TheSymphny

Why TheSymphny?
Names are a projection of future desired outcomes and a past which must be overcome to get there – therefore the power to tether the two ends of time with a short sequence of characters carries a weight of responsibility I take on gladly.

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Music Calms My Nerves

by Twinchild Edozie

Music Calms My Nerves by _Twinchild Edozie
Have you ever been touched by the magical wand of music? If you have, then you will agree with me when I say, Music is a healing pill in a sound form. Though It does come in different types (genres) and affects each individual differently, it’s essence never changed. Despite its cultural enrichment, we always acknowledge its ability to speak to our emotions. I had learned to love music in general (Writing, Singing, and Listening) from creche and since have known its soothing and healing powers. I know you haven’t forgotten how your mother sang you to a total calmness from horrid cry and slowly serenade you to sleep. If you have, well I haven’t, I experienced such beautiful time uncountable times, and I bet you, it was the beginning to what you now see today.

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I’m Soul Jam, the Teen Musical Artist

by Soul Jam

Soul Jam (The teen Musical Artist)
Soul Jam. I am a 17 year old teen from South Africa. Who entered the music world through DJ lessons with my uncle at age 8, leading to me being a self taught semi advanced producer at the age of 16. After A few years of training my ear for music as I’ve tried to develop a unique sound for myself, experimenting with my Hip Hop /RnB /House friends, who have been doing the music thing for a while.

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