Why put all of your music on SoundCloud like Turvy Organ does?


Bands like Turvy Organ put all of their music on SoundCloud for free streaming without limits (no 30-second previews like others). Why do they do it, when there are no direct revenues for most artists on that platform?

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Hung Yung Terrarist

Our 28th Artist of the Week is American singer, songwriter and producer Hung Yung Terrarist. Based in Los Angeles, her music has a unique brand and is heavily influenced by her theatre experience (or is it vice versa?).


Her first 3 albums were self-produced and likened by critics to Coco Rosie, F.K.A. twigs and Grimes, while her 4th and most recent record was a collaboration with Darryl Swann and K-Embry, and an homage to old school Hip Hop.

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