Within Music, I Find Myself

by Daniel Cardona Arango

Within Music, I Find Myself Daniel Cardona Arango (The Dog House)
I started writing rhymes from the age of 12. That’s how I got into music. I did it for me, spent years writing and rhyming. I think it was my way of keeping in touch with music since there were no instruments at home at that time, nor computer, or technology within my reach.

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From Medellin

I am 32 years old now; I have no musical and technical training; I have learned everything by myself for years. But let me start at my origins.

I was born and raised in Envigado-Medellin Colombia, the famous place where the Medellin cartel was born, Pablo Escobar, and all that, but also an area with a lot of life and color, and a lot of colors in music as well.

As a child, I watched from afar the “patches” of Hip-Hop in the city, where I could not attend since they were too dangerous for children. I have been still less than ten years old, when I’ve also seen my older brother enjoy Hip-Hop and other music genres, like Salsa, Vallenatos, Cumbia, Rock, Punk, Grindcore, Skatepunk and much more. But the most substantial influence for both of us were our uncles, who were married at the time, Ana and Victor.

Victor’s brother was a drummer for a Grindcore band called Posguerra, and I would go down to see him play the drums whenever I could. My mother said they were satanic. Therefore, it was forbidden for me in a certain way. Needless to say that all this appealed to me very much, everything that had to do with music, in the most independent and underground sense.

To The North of Spain

When I was 12 years old, we emigrated to the north of Spain, more precisely to Ampuero-Cantabria. With its almost 4,000 inhabitants, it has been a radical change, a different life. Life in Medellin was difficult and hard, and today I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to develop as a human being without worrying about violence, with daily food, and a roof over my head. Eternal thanks!

At the age of 17, I started going out with people from the town who also played rap music. And about three years later, I recorded my first demo, together with my then colleague Juan and his team. We assembled everything in my house, and the demo was never edited or anything. We played only one gig and nothing else.

From there, our friendship was forged. Along with Chus, my brother Felipe, and many more colleagues who in some way related to music – DJs, other beat-makers, and many others – we made a lot of music together: The Yellow Rockers collective was born. Juan, Chus, and me, and in the end, it dissolved. For me, making music during that time was difficult.

To Bandcamp

I always took time to play music, or wrote wherever I went to work. This way, a few years passed until the collective dissolved during the course of life, and I took my way.

I’m doing beats for some time now – since I am 25 years old to be precise -, when I could afford to buy a computer and a 90 euro USB-keyboard. Since then, I have not stopped creating and learning in production and in mixing, sound editing, mastering, and everything that has to do with sound. To this day, I am still obsessed with samplers, drum machines, synthesizers, vinyl, cassettes, CDs, any analog format for sampling, really. I try to do it daily, as a lifestyle.

Almost three years ago, I created my page on Bandcamp. I love music in its deepest and most spiritual aspect, being one with it. I have never made any money with it, or haven’t done concerts or anything. Still, I have to work to make a living, and make music whenever I can. But, hopefully, someday music allows me at least to pay the rent for electricity and water.

I have a lot of energy, and making music is what I have been pursuing since my childhood: Feeling free, creating rhythms, looking for samples, playing a bass line, or some chords. That way, I can find myself, and it makes me feel to be a conscious being.


Artist’s Note
Cantabria, Spain
Alternative, Downbeats, Downtempo, Beats, Hip-Hop

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