Making it Through High School

by Adrian Straatsma

Making it Through High School by Adrian Straatsma
Joel and I first met in elementary school, and now attend the same high school. We just started making music together about a year and a half ago, and just released our first album on May 31.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Our style ranges from hip hop to rock; we try to dabble in a variety of different genres while maintaining a cohesive sound throughout. I look back at my very first demos and often think, ‘wow, this was terrible.’ It is clear how far we have come since just a couple of months ago.

Now, I think we are at the point where we can present our finished tracks to people and have them relate to them and enjoy them just as much as we do. We want to make music for the people that are having a difficult time in high school; we want to help them pull through. In a way, our own music has accomplished this for us, and we only want to make more.

We also encourage others to try their hand at music, since it is so clear that it can provide comfort in the hardest of times. We also were blessed to have been able to work with many other artists on our first project, which proved to be a major help in starting our dream of music. Each of these artists brought something special to the table and contributed something that is essential to the track they appear on.

Music creates community, no doubt about it.


Straats, Category: Artist, Albums: Feel Nothing, Singles: Baltimore, Studio C, Jessica, Apple Tree, Orange Juice, Top Tracks: Apple Tree, Orange Juice, Jessica, Studio C, Baltimore, Biography: we're joel and adrian. check us out if you'd like.


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