Mini Adventures in Self-Expression

by David Kingston

Mini Adventures in Self-Expression by David KingstonAs a singer-songwriter for me, each song is a mini-adventure in self-expression. Typically spanning just a few days from inception to release into the world. That is the reality of it, so my approach is to honor that, and especially resist the temptation to contrive into something artificially grand, or to morph into some sort of a product aimed at securing commercial return.

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The Cambridge hooligan

by Benjamin Walker

The emotional hooligan by Benjamin Walker

Will a football hooligan ruin your day on the River Cam? It’s unlikely today.

At secondary school in Cambridge, I was friends with an extremely strong boy. Let’s call him Alan.

Once, all the boys in our year were involved in a rough version of rugby. You had to get the ball from one side of the playground to the other and could use any means necessary to get the ball off your opponent. Most of us didn’t want to hold onto the ball too long for obvious reasons. But Alan went the whole length of the playground, jaw clenched, taking a torrent of kicks and punches like a badge of honor. He was a warrior who did not register physical pain. For that episode, we all got lined up and told off by the headmaster.

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Fair Music Licensing for Independent Artists

Fair Music Licensing for Independent Artists

Singer and Musician Leila Williams from London found the licensing procedure as an independent musician much too complicated and intransparent. As a consequence, she didn’t license her music to advertisement, TV, films, and gaming for a long time. But she didn’t stop there and started the project The Unsigned Library. It aims to simplify and demystify music licensing and make it fair for independent artists who can’t afford a lawyer. She is now crowdfunding to kickoff her project from musicians to musicians. Continue reading