Fair Music Licensing for Independent Artists

Fair Music Licensing for Independent Artists

Singer and Musician Leila Williams from London found the licensing procedure as an independent musician much too complicated and intransparent. As a consequence, she didn’t license her music to advertisement, TV, films, and gaming for a long time. But she didn’t stop there and started the project The Unsigned Library. It aims to simplify and demystify music licensing and make it fair for independent artists who can’t afford a lawyer. She is now crowdfunding to kickoff her project from musicians to musicians. Continue reading



Our Artist of the Week #23, Sisika,​ are a four piece from South London, featuring Georgia Duncan on guitar and voice, her sister Katie on keys and voice, David Coughlin on bass and Lucy Katz on drums. Combining close, earthy harmonies with warm guitar,​ melodic bass lines, minimal synth sounds and subtle drums they create intricate, freely arranged songs with a rootsy soul folk sound.


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Prima Queen

PRIMA QUEEN, our featured artist of this week, is an energetic and quirky indie-rock band fronted by Louise Macphail (Bristol, England) and Kristin McFadden (Chicago, USA) whose influences range from performers as diverse as Rilo Kiley, The Killers, Fleet Foxes and Alanis Morissette.


Over the past year the duo has been capturing audiences with their brutally, yet beautifully honest lyrics and their infectiously fun stage presence. The band has been playing gigs at venues across the UK including Metropolis Studios in London, The Great Escape Festival for Funnel Music in Brighton, and in Bristol, for ‘iluvlive’. Continue reading