The Pain Of Living A Lie, Why You Should Be You

by Twinchild Edozie

The Pain Of Living A Lie, Why You Should Be You by Twinchild Edozie

Originality is what makes you different. Stop copying others instead of bringing uniqueness into your work. Let the world know who you are and what stuff you are made of.

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The best you can be of someone else is second or even less, but you can always be the very first best of you. Originality is the base for a breakthrough. To avoid or beat an eminent competition, you have to discover something new, and this phenomenal ideology plays out or is applicable in every facet of life, including the music industry. To be happy, be you and to wail in depression, chase after someone else. Definitely, you can’t beat anyone in their games.

Having a role model and or a mentor is quite a different thing; copying in verbatim someone else lifestyle is another. A role model is someone you mold your life after, and a mentor is someone whom you follow his/her instructions on life-related matters. You can have a role model, but there is no guarantee that his/her lifestyle will suit you. You can as well be mentored by someone who is experienced in your chosen career but isn’t any guarantee his method will work for you, why you should basically stick to those things that work out for you. We are all born in different ways and with different talents and for different callings. You have to discover or rediscover what’s unique in you and fashion whatever you are going to do based on that uniqueness. By so doing, you will have the edge over your peers and most likely to reach your full potential. The reason so many of us don’t reach to the apex of our chosen career is the failure to know what we are best at and what made us different from the rest and utilizing that rare and unique gift.

We easily get carried away by the idea of becoming like the other person that we forget who we are. The family, peers, and society play a very big role in this ugly trend. They have a particular idea of what and who they want you to be, so they don’t hesitate in comparing you with the other person oblivious of who you really are. As a child, you are made for aspiring to be like that successful uncle or aunt, and so you are forced to model your life to his or hers. You began to learn to talk, walk, eat and live like him, or her, give up your own identity just because they want you to be successful, which is not even certain. You don’t have to imitate a successful person to be successful; you only need to be success-driven to be successful.

Growing up, it was difficult to choose between who and what I want to be when I grow up because I found myself in crossroad choosing between what my parents or peers want me to be and what I want for myself. For a reason best known to them, my parents like most of my peers wanted me to become a medical doctor, some thought I would make a good lawyer, but deep inside me, there’s craving for something different, music art and am sure you know how it all played out. I stuck with what I was born to do, and I strive to be as original as I can be. This parental or peer influence has a lot of positive or negative impact on one’s life. It’s capable of making of ruining a life. Many are still battling with meeting peers’ expectations that they consider themselves failures. There is no way you can meet up with everyone’s expectations. The only person you can satisfy at all times is you. Make peace with yourself by following your heart.

As a music artist, you have to be original in your creations to stand a chance among millions of new art coming out every single day. It’s quite certain that many will not agree with you at first, but with time they will fall in love with your work if not for anything, it will be for your uniqueness. You may not necessarily create a whole new genre, but you could innovate one. Create your own style, something that stands you out.

It is quite saddening and disappointing how this generation of youth are obsessed with the idea of becoming someone else hence the epidemic of unfulfilled lives that has resulted in depression. The only way you can be you is to be original. We all have a different way to affect the world around us. Dig deep inside, and you will find that which made you unique, it is that which comes so natural with you. To some, it’s not far fetched while to others it comes with a few miles of discovery journey. To avoid the pain of living a lie, just be you. You only owe yourself an explanation.

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