by Martin Ejlertsen

Epilepsy from The Admirer by Black Light White Light

How can you convey a song about a disease? Especially a disease like epilepsy that most people have heard about but probably know very little about. And can I express the feelings and the hopelessness associated with having a child with this disease without it being simply too much for others to listen to?

Among other things, it was with these thoughts that I started writing the song Epilepsy. A song that has now become very central to my album The Admirer, which is my most personal album to date. The song was also the first single from the album, and was released on International Epilepsy Day. That all made sense.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

The anxiety and hopelessness of being a parent of a child with this disease – that you cannot help your child when the epileptic seizure strikes – filled our minds and our home extremely much during the period when I started writing songs for the new album. One day I came up with the main melody line for the song while jamming on my acoustic Gibson j-45. And I found that rhythmically it perfectly suited to singing e-p-i-l-e-p-s-y. It was like a magical moment without incident. It was like my personal equivalent of McCartney’s Yesterday. It just came to me – this song was meant to come here and now.

And that’s how I came to the probably unconscious conclusion, that this album should also be a funnel into my feelings and worries. That it would be right for me now to write songs about the very personal things that are going on in my life here and now. Whereas before I have written songs based on more unspecified incidents in the world around me, this time it has been all about writing songs about my own life, feelings and relations. And that decision has been incredibly rewarding for me in the creation process but also afterwards.

I hope that these very personal songs on The Admirer also hit the listeners in a different and at least for us new way compared to our previous releases. I hope that the song Epilepsy and this album will give the listeners something that they can also reflect on their own lives and the worries, troubles and doubts they may have.




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Malmö, Sweden
Alternative, Cosmic Pop, Dreampop, Indie, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock
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