Modern Sounds with Vintage Sensibilities

by Jon Wolff

Modern Sounds with Vintage Sensibilities by Jon Wolff
A departure from the last 15 years of my music, “Wolffsburgh” takes a new direction. Many of the guitars are gone and loops and drum machines take their place.

Yet somehow, it still sounds familiar.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Sometimes, when you try to do something completely different, it just ends up being the most like you. That’s what I discovered when creating the songs that eventually become Wolffsburgh.

Originally, this project had a different name and an entirely different purpose. It was going to splinter away and maybe become a producer moniker. Then major changes happened in my life, the songs were tabled and everything went away for a bit.

Then people started to die.

Some from Covid, some from cops. And it made me think of a song that had been shelved. It was originally written about gun violence and opiate addiction but now seemed to fit these new times too. It had to be heard.

And so, I began to go through the abandoned project and brought it back to life just to get a few of these songs out there. So, when you listen. Breathe and have love in your heart.

For everyone.



Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Germany
Electronic, Experimental, Alternative, Rock, Hip-Hop, Instrumental, Soul

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