The Perfect Jumping-Off Point

by Jalen Doughty

Jalen Doughty

In May this year, I found myself becoming disillusioned with music, something I never thought would happen. No matter how many hours I’d put into creating pieces, they always felt hollow and meaningless – maybe a technique here or there was exciting, but for months, it all felt like nothing.

With roots firmly in ambient and noise music, this was an unsustainable position to be in, and I felt like giving up.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

So, I challenged myself to apply everything that I’ve learned in ambient music and apply it to conventional songwriting, to writing the pop and rock songs that I’ve always enjoyed in parallel to the experimentation. Trying to break away from abstract creation is extremely hard; it’s a different mindset entirely.

It took several months of drafts (and some horrifying choruses), but the final product is my first album titled ‘Dazhbog Loves You.’

This album feels like the perfect jumping-off point; it’s liberating. Combining all my favorite styles together in a way that opens up the future to all creative possibilities.’


Artist’s Note
Alternative, Electronic, Alternative-Rock, Indie, Pop-Rock, Post-Rock
creativity, ambient, songwriting

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