Where’s the next music revolution?

A recent study from London found three music revolutions in the last five decades. All three happened in the 20th century, 25 and more years ago. Every generation since the beginning of recorded music has introduced a game-changing genre. Until now. What the hell is going on with today’s western pop music?

Commissioned drawing of The Beatles pencil and ink by Brian Methe Tetratos Potraits Dibujos 2009

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Hot Flash Heat Wave

Hot Flash Heat Wave, our eight Artist of the Week, is the brainchild of four best friends from Davis, California. During their high school years, they met and bonded through participation in a small, tight-knit community of musicians that put on a slew of DIY shows in parents’ garages and local venues, at the time each playing in a variety of different projects. After leaving Davis for various cities in California, the four eventually reunited in San Francisco to write and record under the same roof. Their debut LP Neapolitan, released in 2015, quickly launched them to the forefront of the Bay Area music scene with its candied hooks, fuzzy guitars and tunes reminiscent of The Smiths gone new wave.


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