Music Is Endless

by Radio Frequencies

Music Is Endless by Radio Frequencies
Berkana, a name found by chance on an old Indian stall. It means so many things…, the possibility of creating opportunities and many other things!!

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Five Boys And A Dream: The Music

Roberto named “El Castillo,” the intellectual, sophisticated with the guitar as well as with ideas.

Alex named “Machine,” always looking for new sounds and new musical worlds to explore. His “Stratocaster” is legendary.

Kris, restless and magnetic, sweet and powerful like the sound of his drums.

Simon “Delta Blues,” a wandering spirit always looking for a new note to play with his guitar.

Mark, the “Story Teller,” between clear and dark visions, always looking for something deep to tell.

Between Past And Future

The band writes several songs and plays successfully in various places, their sound ranging from rock, blues and new wave. After a few years, their paths diverge, but friendship remains!!

Mark believes he still has something to tell, so the “Radio Frequencies” project is born. Driven by his passion for the new wave and his love for the piano he creates his own sound, a mix between past and future, the sweet sound of his piano opposed to the “cold” sound of synthesizers.., because “la musique est sans fin…”

Artist’s Note
Rome, Italy
Alternative, Electronic Rock, New Wave
Depeche Mode, Erik Satie

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