About love and passion

by Pasca Rapha

About love and passion by Pasca Rapha aka Valhearst
You have true love, and you have the other feelings. When you think you feel it, whereas, in reality, you live a poor passion, the time has come to ask yourself questions about your way of loving.

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Head in the clouds

The first four tracks on Best Regards present a passion facet, lived in the greatest carelessness, with all that one draws from the beauty and a semblance of temporary well-being; this feeling of living a deep love, and feeling refreshed.

Feel floating in a passing happiness.

The deception, and what comes next

Then come five last tracks which, explore the bottom of the backside of this deceptive setting: the wounded soul, by the suffered frustration, the emotional deficiencies, the disappointment of being only the bait of a monstrous story, of an illusory love lived without reciprocity, the impossibility to realize the love of which one is dreaming.


Valhearst, Category: Artist, Singles: Rest Regards, Top Tracks: Drunk of Passion, Lettres LD, Monthly Listeners: 2, Where People Listen: Rochetaillee, Saint-Genest-Lerpt, Metz

Saint √Čtienne, France
New Wave, Electro, Experimental, DIY
The Cure, Siouxsie, Kate Bush

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