Nature Poetry

by Križaj / Wehrli / Gisler

Nature Poetry by Križaj / Wehrli / Gisler
“Nature Poetry” (the album!) is the striking byproduct of the dance performance “Nature Poetry” by Križaj / Wehrli / Gisler. With inexhaustible eager, the choreographers Jasmina and Simon, and the musician Daniel jump into the bushes and transform their naiveté into a virtue. To be listened with closed eyes or while traveling alone – and one or two songs can even boost your party!

Listen to the album while reading the text.

“Nature Poetry” is a multidisciplinary project by Križaj / Wehrli / Gisler, originally thought of as a contemporary dance performance. The starting point was the wish to find a common place of artistic expression which to none of the three would be familiar. Since Jasmina is a dancer with a background in volleyball, Simon, a dancer with a background in music and Daniel a musician with a background in geography, writing poetry seemed to be an attractive field to discover the unknown.

Mainly writing through techniques such as “speed writing” or “automatic writing” we soon discovered the particular atmosphere of our writings which started to influence our approach towards other art fields. Like that some of the poems transformed into movement, songs, and set design. The musical part of the performance became very striking, and some of our first spectators expressed the wish that they would want to listen to our music at home… Of course, we had to record an album!

Watch the full performance on Vimeo

Artist’s Note
Winterthur, Switzerland, Maribor, Slovenia
Contemporary, Experimental, Poetry, Dance
nature poetry, poetry, nature, experimental, contemporary dance

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