Low Spirit Home (the movie)


Two years ago, Switzerland’s “first and last punk” Rudolph Dietrich released a 60 minutes movie, putting together 19 of his songs of the past decade to a unique mix of political and social discourse, blended with his blues-inspired rock music.

Rural Sr. aka Rudolph Dietrich started his career in 1973 with electronic music. In ‘76 he co-founded The NASAL BOYS, later KLEENEX, KdF, MUTTERFREUDEN, and, by 1981, he was responsible for the rich soundscapes of BLUE CHINA. From 1994, there’s a journey into rural blues – the mother of contemporary music – and acoustic solo sets presented as L’Ti Bon Ange. Since 2006, after the Rudolph “Hillary“ Dietrich release of “Sheer Hilariousness” (a journey beyond space and time through the hilarious punk days), he steps forward as Rural Sr., processing data of all his musical experiences as Le Vodou Sports Club.

Under the new pseudonym, he started to release his music on YouTube, in addition to CDs he handed over personally for free or sold in a local record shop in Zurich. His videos are collages of images, sound and video clips, commenting current events in politics and society with commitment and humor.

Also, Rudolph spends some time reworking the sound and video documents from the Swiss punk scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s and preserving it on his YouTube channel.

Now, with this hour-long movie, he goes one step further and enters the theaters with his unique and expressive art:


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