The Making Of My Debut Album “New Dawn”

by Twinchild Edozie

The Making Of My Debut Album by Twinchild Edozie
Like they always say, “nothing good comes easy” as true as it sounds. It takes hard work, patience, resources, and most importantly, time. Just like refining gold from its ore requires a lot of work, so it is with whatever venture we embark on.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

For over 12 years, I have been working tirelessly and diligently and praying for a hit song(s) that will kick start my music career. After many years of what seemed like an endless trail, it felt like it never going to happen because I had hit one brick wall to another. And in what seemed like a futile ambition and becoming the gest of my family and peers it finally kicked off with the release of my debut album in 2018. Though it did not come without its accompanying ups and downs, but in all, it’s worthwhile.

In as much as music and I have come a long way, it still needs a lot of work and perseverance to announce my musical career to the world. To take on the big musical stage is something that doesn’t come easily, it requires hard work and luck. Though it takes a lot of effort to get to the top, it takes much more to remain at the top. Therefore, the struggle continues.

A Decade To Get Any Recognition

At first, I thought it was going to be an easy ride, never knew it was going to take this long to get even in the musical profession. Back in 2006 when I dropped my first demo, if anybody had told me it would take me a decade to even get the slight of recognition, I will label such person an enemy. Because I was of the impression it will shoot my dreams into reality in an instance. But that never happened, not even after five singles, mixtapes in over 10 years.

That’s when reality dawned on me that this journey is not going to be as easy as I thought. I then learn to appreciate those who actually have made it and continue to pray that my time comes.

To be honest, I was frustrated and almost gave up on my dream. Because I did not know if I will ever make it to the mainstream, I decided to make music making my hobby since it’s what I love to do and remaining in close contact with music despite failing to reach the height I expected in almost 12 years was the best decision I ever made. It subsequently launched me back in making music for a living. The reality is, what will be will be, but we need to do out part by consistently and persistently doing the right thing. Every other thing will follow.

12 Years In The Making

The making of my debut album “New Dawn” is characterized with uncertainty and struggles. The journey was one of hope and despair, having started in a very long time, the end is inevitable. It was never a smooth ride, but it was quite an interesting one. Like most projects, it had its own hitches and hurdles, but we determined to complete it, and so we did.

It is 12 years in the making, so it was like a compilation of all I have learned in 12 years period, and that was what made it a little bit easier. Despite the financial and time constraints, we were able to complete the project within our time frame.

We (me and my team) had a lot to do in making sure we get the desired outcome, every songwriting, every composition, every beat creation, every recording, and every mixing and mastering were all meticulously done. There’s no room for error. Yes, it was demanding, exhausting and time-consuming but tell me any venture that isn’t. If that’s what we need to get what we want, we are more than willing to give it all. Having waited for over 12 years, I cannot afford to mess this opportunity up.

Publishing And Distributing

One song after another, the 15 track album is compiled, and in a couple of months, we are ready to go. Now it’s time for the release, scouting for the best platform and medium became an issue of importance. As an independent artist, it’s not an easy task to market your piece since it will require a huge financial obligation to successfully market them.

So I have to cut my coat according to the material available to me and thanks to some digital publishing platforms which really have made it a lot easier for indies, I was able to publish my album, and it got distributed to over 20 other digital platforms worldwide.

Publishing and distributing is one thing, and getting them to the fans who will buy or play them is another hence the promotion. Since the release, we have taken advantage of social media, which is readily within our reach, print, and sound media which we can afford. You can always start somewhere and gradually climb.

So far so good, the album is receiving a great deal of recognition and acceptance, thanks to all of you who are playing the songs. Let’s do more guys.


My gratitude to God Almighty for the success and enablement and to all of you who have helped in one way or the other to make this project a success. For those who encouraged me and those who discouraged me, you all have spurred me to succeed. And to you out there who will buy or listen to my piece, I will always be grateful. I have done my part to make these songs available to you; I will be so grateful if you listen to them by doing so you will enable me to do more. The journey is only just begun. Working on yet another piece and sure you will like it so just stay tuned.

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New Dawn by Twinchild Edozie is on all digital platform. Go get your copy guys!

Twinchild Edozie – New Dawn

Listen to New Dawn, an album by Twinchild Edozie on TIDAL

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