Music Calms My Nerves

by Twinchild Edozie

Music Calms My Nerves by _Twinchild Edozie
Have you ever been touched by the magical wand of music? If you have, then you will agree with me when I say, Music is a healing pill in a sound form. Though It does come in different types (genres) and affects each individual differently, it’s essence never changed. Despite its cultural enrichment, we always acknowledge its ability to speak to our emotions. I had learned to love music in general (Writing, Singing, and Listening) from creche and since have known its soothing and healing powers. I know you haven’t forgotten how your mother sang you to a total calmness from horrid cry and slowly serenade you to sleep. If you have, well I haven’t, I experienced such beautiful time uncountable times, and I bet you, it was the beginning to what you now see today.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

The Sound of Dreams

As a child, I had always loved listening to music be it a lullaby, local rhythm or classical music, they had impacts on me in different ways, and they were all fulfilling. When my mother’s lullaby was the best of it all not only because it was sung by my mother, but it was the first musical sound I heard and so left an indelible print in my head and heart. The softness of the vocal cord, the appealing words, the serenity and the genuineness of its intent combined to make it special. It formed the basic foundation in my musical art, traditional and classical music refined my craft in music creation.

As a child, I knew the power of music on human, and as I grew up, I never strayed from that part. I had since then cemented my relationship with music to the point, nothing else matters but music. I believe that helped strengthen my resolve to face the trouble ahead which in all counts is eminent.

Becoming a songwriter and possibly a published songster was always my dream, though bringing that dream to fruition was never a work over but with passion, hard work, a bit of luck and above all, the grace of God, it wasn’t going to be overly hard.

Mountains to climb

From the very beginning, it seemed impossible. There were a lot of mountains to climb and hurdles to jump over which included limited resources, unfair playing ground, lack of support from people around me to mention but a few.

You know what it means when your own family does not believe in your dreams. It does a lot of damage mentally, more than all other challenges combined. It was part of the challenges I had to overcome to make it to where I want to be, and I wasn’t going to let it dampened my resolve. If I was going to make it, I will learn to deal with it, knowing it was not going to be easy I faced it head on anyways.

I was always believed that if I do not give up, everything will fall into place. Yeah, I never did hence this story, thanks to God, you reading this story, passion and the soothing power of music. It had always calmed me down when the heat is up.

The healing Power of Music

I had always attributed my continual making of music even when it wasn’t actually paying to my undying love for the art and for the healing influence it got on me. I had written and composed about 90% of my songs while I was down, out or broken. Basically, I deal with downtime with songwriting and composition, be it heartbreak, loneliness or depression. Believe me; music has the power to turn your depression to cheerfulness, just make good music your friend in times you think no one cares. Sing to yourself and watch how those sad feelings disappear.

Remembering those broken days and lonely nights brings tears in my eyes, but when I listen to the beautiful words weaved into songs amidst those horrid tears, it sparks an elated smile from my both cheeks. It always reminds me that nothing good comes in a platter of gold.

Listening to my creations is quiet heart lifting and getting other people to enjoy it is heaven to me. As to most arts, music is a means to an end; it is a medium, a line of communication. It speaks to our emotions, it lifts, calms or brings to sobriety so a creator of music must communicate some of these feelings through his or her musical work. Been able to create these feelings of fulfillment and joy in other people from my music elates me.

When I look back at my musical works as at the moment, though I won’t say they are the best I got but I will say to an extent, I have been able to create something that will generate several healing effects depending on what you are in need of.

New Dawn

When you listen, sing, hum or dance to my song you make me the happiest man on earth. Knowing that someone somewhere in the world is loving my work gives me reason to do more and do it better and better.

My debut album “New Dawn” consisting of 15 tracks has in it songs for every moment and every mood. Each of the tracks was written and composed in a different circumstance and with a different message and feeling. The album was released on 1st October 2018 in all digital platform and since has been blessing many around the world. Am so happy for the response so far and still do expect more of your support.

I owe the success of my musical work to you and all the lovers of my works out there, you guys have made that little boy dream come through, and so deserve my respect and the best. I will always do the best I can to give you something worthwhile. I love you!

If you haven’t heard my piece, check it out, it is in all digital platforms. kindly follow me on social media: Instagram: @twinchild_edozie Twitter: @TwinchildEdozie Facebook: Twinchild Edozie. Feel free to ask me questions if you have any for me.

Hey Mama! We’ve made it, those broken days, lonely and sleepiness nights were not in vain. Thank you for blessing me with those serenades, they were so instrumental.

Thank you for reading and more importantly for supporting my vision. I really do appreciate. Stay well, shun crimes and keep chasing your dreams, it will definitely come through if you refuse to give up. The longer it takes, the better it will be when it finally drops.

Twinchild Edozie

Twinchild Edozie, Category: Artist, Albums: New Dawn, Top Tracks: Tonight (Kwanangida), You Are Beautiful, Nkem Boo, I Like Dem Girls, Come Closer (Wasumo), Biography: Twinchild Edozie is a Nigerian South African base Songwriter and Singer.



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