I’m Soul Jam, the Teen Musical Artist

by Soul Jam

Soul Jam (The teen Musical Artist)
Soul Jam. I am a 17 year old teen from South Africa. Who entered the music world through DJ lessons with my uncle at age 8, leading to me being a self taught semi advanced producer at the age of 16. After A few years of training my ear for music as I’ve tried to develop a unique sound for myself, experimenting with my Hip Hop /RnB /House friends, who have been doing the music thing for a while.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

I then created my alter ego persona called Steve VaN W¥K, who gets more Techno House than Soul Jam’s normal self. As Steve experiments with Trance, Dubstep and Elecronic music, infusing it with his Deep House drum patterns, giving the sound a vibe.

I’ve realised that the people I make music for enjoy progressive tracks with feelings, mostly songs with vocals /singers who get them in the mood of dancing or even singing along to.


Souljam, Category: Artist, Singles: Steve’s Heart, Top Tracks: El amarillo brilliante, El rojo brilliante, No es tan complicado, Cuidar, Biography: A Young South African Dj ,Producer/Beat Maker In his Teen's Making His Mark In This Huge Music Circuit , Monthly Listeners: 1, Where People Listen: Pretoria

Steve’s Heart EP
Steves heart


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