What Shaped Me And My Journey So Far As A Music Act

by Twinchild Edozie

What Shaped Me And My Journey So Far As A Music Act by Twinchild Edozie
Let me start by saying that, the journey of life begins once one is born and ends at death, but in some cases, your journey exceeds your death, and that depends on how you lived your life. Though none of us decided how we were going to be born or where we were going to be born but how we were going to die solely and wholly depend on us.

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Rewriting My Story

As a kid born in a somewhat unconducive environment, I was determined to rewrite my story, not minding how it all began. I chose not to let those uninspiring and unexciting beginning determine who I have become, though it was not an easy as it sounds. But the determination and the desire to become who I want to surpasses every other obstacle.

So in the view of what my tomorrow will become, I decided to let go of so many things; the mediocrity, the fear of failure, mundane orientations, contentment, etc. In some way, it had determined the way some people from where I came from lived and died, but I refused to follow that path. Hence the person I was becoming.

Straightened and Strengthened

On the path of a total financial and mental emancipation or freedom, it has never been a bed of roses, so mine wasn’t an exception. On this path, you will lose friends because I did. You will be hated, faced with downtimes and obstacles and sometimes will be faced with brick walls that you will be contemplating quitting. But if you compare where you are going and where you are coming from, you will agree with me that quitting won’t be an option.

Having chosen to redesign, rediscover and reinvent myself far from what I was born to be, I also have a duty to straighten and strengthen my character, beliefs, dreams, and purpose to align with what I want to become. One step at a time, everything is falling into place and will eventually materialize, but I will never relent not even when being at the top of the mountain because success, they say, brings its challenges.

My Journey Has Just Begun

My musical talent, entrepreneurial knack, literary prowess, and unrelenting pursuit for success are all evidence of what my journey has so far become. I continually work on refining my arts in these fields until my whole life reflects what true success is, and that’s making my surroundings (society) better than I found them.

My journey has just begun, and I can’t deny how exciting it has been. Believe me, it hasn’t been cozy all the way, but I chose not to let the bitter days define my journey so far.

You will face the trouble that accompanies the journey of life, but it’s totally in your hands to let them decide how your journey ends. No life is without ill, and neither is any journey. So, learn how to deal with it, and your journey will be a joyful voyage.

Twinchild Edozie

Twinchild Edozie, Category: Artist, Biography: Twinchild Edozie is a Nigerian South African base Songwriter and Singer. Born first of twins children in late 70's, Edozie Emmanuel Ugwunze hails from eastern part of the Nigeria.

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