The Time Of Love Is Now

by Matthew Hughes

The Time Of Love Is Now by Matthew Hughes aka Ataurus Minor
The album A Beard Of Stars from Ataraus Minor was recorded accidentally on purpose when I bought my first bass guitar and wanted to practice to some T. Rex songs. I started recording, and a week later, the album was finished. I played and recorded everything you’ll hear. The words and music are, of course, by Marc Bolan.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

About The Bull

On my first day into the world of living on my own, I stopped by an estate sale, just down the street from my childhood home. The house had always intrigued me as a kid, as the front had a giant white painting of a hand giving a peace sign, with a rabbit’s face drawn on it. I always wondered who might have lived there. As soon as I entered the house, I spotted a figurine of a bull that I didn’t know I needed.

“This is me!” I said to my partner at the time, and I snatched it up for a dollar. For years after, whenever someone new would come into my home, I would show them the bull, and say “don’t break him – or I will have to hate you.” Nearly two years ago, coinciding with the end of a rough patch in my life, I ended up being the one to break him. He had got caught up in my headphone wires. I stubbornly glued him back together and told him “well, now you’re even more me!”

The gatefold for the original A Beard Of Stars album by Tyrannosaurus Rex, contains a picture of Marc Bolan’s figurine, which he called Poon. He said it was his muse. I had never really made the connection before I started thinking of ideas for the artwork for my cover of the album.

A Tribute to Marc Bolan and T. Rex

I think the last few years of tragedy & political turmoil have pushed society into collectively finding solace in nostalgia. When reality gets too hard to face, we tend to look backward to the familiar for comfort and guidance. In looking back, we remember why we’re here, and why we keep going. We recharge, find new hope, ready to face the future again – reborn and bopping!

Sometimes on our trips of nostalgia, we stumble across someone or some things that got overlooked the first time around. That’s why I feel the time is right for an album like this. The time of love is now. The planet is due to have a second look at the work of Marc Bolan; a man of seemingly infinite creativity, passion, humor, and charisma. I’m not claiming to be the guy for the job, but I’d certainly like to help.

It is quite simply impossible, after getting to know this man’s work, to not believe in… something!

Ataurus Minor

Ataurus Minor. Spokane, Washington. Spokane, WA Ataurus Minor is a singular ★ in the Atari Ferrari Constellation.


Spokane, Washington
Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock, Psychedelic, Singer-Songwriter
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