The Nostalgia Factor

by River Westin

The Nostalgia Factor by River Westin
It took a while to figure out what about music effects me the way it does. I knew melody was the first thing that hooked me into a great song and has always been my starting point when writing, but one day it just hit me.

Listen to the single while reading the text.

It is the element of nostalgia and visual storytelling that makes music my obsession. My name is River, and I have spent the last 5 or so years writing music and pursuing my dreams of making it my full-time gig. It’s gotten much easier creatively once I realized my own viewpoint and that it was unique.

Instead of forcing my songs in a certain direction, I now just welcome the muse into my studio and let out what comes naturally. Nostalgia is such a powerful tool to take the listener out of their lives for a few minutes and drop them in the middle of a story. Painting their surroundings with words and sounds that build upon that story.

Currently, I’ve released two EPs that incorporate these elements, and I have a million more ideas that I’m dying to get out of my system out for everyone’s ears! I guess what I’m trying to say to other musicians out there is that if you are struggling to figure out what kind of artist you want to be, what direction to take your music next, or just have writers block in general, I suggest to go back to the most basic roots of what about music effects YOU.

– Riv

River Westin

River Westin, Category: Artist, Singles: Pure Hearts, The California Ep, Kayuta EP, Top Tracks: Pure Hearts, Malibu, Me and California, Baby Love, Coast, Biography: A nineties baby born in upstate New York, River is fresh to the Indie-pop scene.His latest release “The California Ep” is full of dreamy, beach inspired sounds, western guitars and vintage melodies., Monthly Listeners: 51, Where People Listen: Los Angeles, San Jose, Madison, Dorchester, Santa Clara



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Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Folk Pop, Baroque Pop, Chamber Pop
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