Maquinas em Diálogo : Machines in Dialogue

by A.J. Kaufmann

Maquinas em Diálogo : Machines in Dialogue by A.J. Kaufmann
Today I would like to share some stories about the new sound art project Maquinas em Diálogo, which we started with a talented Brazilian artist, Ingrid Soares.

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The trials, tribulations and triumphs of my Winter

by Kaleb Hikele

The trials, tribulations and triumphs of my Winter by  Kaleb Hikele
The years 2015 to 2017 were most probably the most crucial building block along my musical path. I’ve spent the two years struggling with a degenerative tendon disease leading to a derailing chronic wrist injury.

At first, I was misdiagnosed, and it took six months to understand why my wrists were escalating in pain. Since March 2015 I have routinely been a patient of several clinics, in and out of several hospitals, X-ray/Ultrasound/MRI scanning beds, frequented medical specialists and doctors offices around the city with minimal results.

It still affects me every day now. But I have new music released since and I’m moving on!

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Music Calms My Nerves

by Twinchild Edozie

Music Calms My Nerves by _Twinchild Edozie
Have you ever been touched by the magical wand of music? If you have, then you will agree with me when I say, Music is a healing pill in a sound form. Though It does come in different types (genres) and affects each individual differently, it’s essence never changed. Despite its cultural enrichment, we always acknowledge its ability to speak to our emotions. I had learned to love music in general (Writing, Singing, and Listening) from creche and since have known its soothing and healing powers. I know you haven’t forgotten how your mother sang you to a total calmness from horrid cry and slowly serenade you to sleep. If you have, well I haven’t, I experienced such beautiful time uncountable times, and I bet you, it was the beginning to what you now see today.

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How I Started Writing Music

by Evan Schafer

How I Started Writing Music
When somebody says, “I’m a songwriter” or “I compose music,” what most ordinary people think is that they are Mozart-incarnate and all of a sudden want to be their best friend. Either that or they become insanely jealous of them, and they never hear from those folks again. In my case, neither of these occurrences have actually happened but has nevertheless been a stressful journey. Here I will tell you, from my humblest beginnings, how I grew to be the songwriter I am today and the process I have undergone to get there.

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