Making music makes my moment

by Stan Stewart (muz4now)

Making music makes my moment by Stan Stewart (muz4now)
Each time I go to create music, I am awed by the sense of motion and majesty that pulses through me. This is not bragging, it’s just the truth.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Creating music is a spectacular process. Networking with other musicians and even sound libraries (also created by other music lovers) is such an inspiring process. Every connection is an amazing extension of humanity in creative effort.

Get You To A Makery

Though common practices may be to dissuade children (or anyone, frankly) from being an artist, there are many of us who cannot avoid making art. In the case of music, this is certainly a divine influence as well as a innate sense of calling. I know that in my case, I cannot stop making music.

I’ve talked (or Tweeted or chatted online) with so many other musicians who can relate to this. In many ways, it’s reassuring that so many musicians can relate to the drive to create more music!

Creating Is Not For The Timid

It’s not every person who can deal with this drive. Some are taken down ( by its power and push. Every day, I give thanks that I can have this drive to make music and to live.
One thing that can give hope to the creative soul is to have people who care and support our art. Thank you to all of you who “make this so” in my life! May many more be buoyed up by the support of family and friends.

Make It So

Support your friends, loved ones, and strangers who happen to make music you like. I (we) appreciate you and love that you are in the world helping to keep music live and alive. Bless you.

Stan Stewart

Stan Stewart, Category: Artist, Albums: InterPlayful (Piano Improvisations), Interdependence Suite, Characters (Piano Improv), LiveSongs from #DreamThis, Dream This, Singles: Snow Day Suite, What the Wreck?, Azael Loves Candy, Paw Patrol and El Paso, Texas, Branches, Wreckless (Alternative Mix), Top Tracks: Dancing With a Stranger, Softly and Tenderly, Crowned, Come, Thou Fount, Wayfaring Stranger, Biography: Stan Stewart is also known as Muz4Now – with good reason.

Stan Stewart (aka muz4now)

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