Pauchi Sasaki

Pauchi Sasaki

Usually, music is primarily for the ears. But not with Pauchi Sasaki, the violin player and composer from Peru. While she started early using technology to augment her violin play and express her emotions, she recently developed the “speaker dress”, a shoulder-to-knee wall of 100 speakers, and made it an instrument itself.

Being a protegee of Philip Glass, one of the world’s most influential living composers, is already a quality label itself.

Pauchi Sasaki has been working on the project Gama for years now and continues to further develop it to new grounds. Until today, she has composed more than a dozen versions.

Her compositions are more than the music itself. On the one hand, there is the fascinating concept of technology. But much more, there is a significant visual aspect. Therefore it is best to not only listen to her music but see her perform.

Listen with your eyes! (and on headphones)


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