Fly My Freak Flag

by Jesse Whetsell

Fly My Freak Flag by Jesse Whetsell (TheTaxies)
I’m Jesse, an independent singer/songwriter/producer. I’ve been recording music in different projects since 2009. Juliet’s Funeral, The Freddy Velcroman Expedition, and International Spies just to name a few. I’ve always been inspired by the DIY concept of garage rock and punk bands. I’m a huge fan of the ’60s and ’70s psychedelia and pop music.

I would describe my music as Alternative Pop Rock with explorations into Folk/Blues, Reggae and Jazz. I’m trying to find that someplace out there for my music, those ears to hear it and hearts to feel it. It’s been hard with such a wide range of influences. That’s when I realized I’d have to carve out my own corner here on this earth to fly my freak flag.

Listen to the single while reading the text.

Of Liquid-like Jazz Drumming and Specters

In 2014 I began recording music with my high school friend Jordan Clancy after I moved back to Colorado Springs, CO from Baltimore. He is the drummer in the hard rock band Dreadnought. I insisted he brings into our collaboration everything he has to hold back in his other band. That’s when he unleashed upon me an amazing bombardment of liquid-like jazz drumming with the ferocity of punk rock. This was the basis for everything that is The Taxies.

After working on a video project for our friends Gordon and Grace for their band Roma Ransom, we had an impromptu jam session that would be called Energico. Another jam followed not long after, where; whether you believe in ghosts or not; we all witnessed a specter. And it’s on record, you can hear it on the Feelgoode Energy Band selection called An Olde Tyme Phantom Jam. Feelgoode Energy Band is what we would call these very primal jam collaborations between The Taxies and Roma Ransom. Totally improvised.

Thoughts That Need To Be Sung

And then came a momentary lapse in releases; and by momentary, I mean I had a mental breakdown for two years… I moved to Nebraska, then back to Baltimore just to remember I was already where I wanted to be in Colorado. But that brings us to where we are now. Now my music; that was once a way for me to release my frustration and angst; is now more like a therapeutic necessity. I need to keep doing this. I got thoughts that need to be sung and love I want to share.

My friend Gordon Lewis and I have been collaborating as of late on some fun reggae inspired songs with an uplifting summer feel. I want to make music to keep me out of that cold, cold winter mindset. Hopefully, I can pull some other people out with me into the sunlight. A light so bright we’ll need sunglasses at night.

My main website is my Bandcamp page. You can also view some acoustic performances on my YouTube channel. Thanks for listening.



Artist’s Note
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Alternative, Pop/Rock, Acid Rock, Indie, Lo-fi, Psychedelic, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae
DIY, jam, specter, mental breakdown

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