Music, Good For The Brain

by Limbic

Music, Good For The Brain by Limbic
Hi we’re Limbic, yes we’re named after the limbic system in your brain. The limbic system processes your emotions and memories, two things we believe music heavily influences.

Coming from the north-east of England we found ourselves in a local gigging scene oversaturated with your stereotypical indie bands, a cliché we never wanted to find ourselves landing in. Looking for an original sound to our area we created Limbic. An alt-experimental band that utilises synth to create a balance between your traditional indie band and the whacky world of synth sounds.

Listen to the album while reading the text.


When it comes to genre choice we’ve never wanted to place ourselves in a box for too long. As a collective we listen to a wide variety of genres, this is something we’re not afraid of being apparent of in our music.

Take our new debut album for example, it starts with a steady rock song ‘Lies’, progresses to a more dance sounding track ‘Big Mouth’ and ends with an electronic explosion ‘Rocket’. This diversity allows us to reach listener pools from numerous genres, instead of containing ourselves to one area.

Future plans do include another album, one sounding different to the one before, this constant growth and adaptation shows us the different paths we can explore sonically.


The current self-titled album was an experiment in itself, a journey for us as a band to delve into what we wanted our sound to be and how we wanted to write our music. All the answers we learnt through this process have been thrown straight back into our future projects.

‘LIMBIC’ was written over the course of 8 months, trying to balance the struggles of a newly formed band. With each member already having experience in this domain we quickly settled into a routine and the music was created through late nights hidden away in our studio or laying in hammocks by the fire pit. Quite cinematic I know.


We are well aware of the differences between studio recordings and live performances, and the sacrifices many bands make between them. This was a sacrifice we were never willing to make. Although we have our instrumental base, our music just wouldn’t sound the same without our synths and samples, hence why we introduced our backing system.

Another quirk to our set up compared to other local bands, means when we perform our music sounds as close to the studio recordings as possible. This not only improves our authenticity but also allows us to create a more following set, adapting songs to flow into each other.

Our debut album was met with quite the buzz from local media and has allowed us as a band to come up with many more wild ideas for the next release, whenever that may be. Regardless of what the next step for us maybe, we’ll never stop putting our live shows first.

Hopefully we may see you there one day.


Limbic, Category: Artist, Albums: Limbic, Singles: Hold My Breath, Top Tracks: Big Mouth, Lies, Sleeper, Oh God, Hold My Breath, Biography: Limbic is a three piece alt-experimental band hailing from Bishop Auckland in the north-east of England., Monthly Listeners: 27, Where People Listen: Bishop Auckland, Barnard Castle, Stockton-on-Tees, Lancaster, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Bishop Auckland, England, Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, North, East, UK
Rock, Pop, Synth, Indie, Alt, Alternative, Electronic
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