A Momentary Cocoon Of Memory

by Hifumi Sasaki

A Momentary Cocoon Of Memory by Hifumi Sasaki (Loving Love)
We are Loving Love, an art project that was started in Kyoto in 2018 by Kotoku Tsurutani and me, Hifumi Sasaki, the lead songwriter, and guitarist. We have grown to five members now, and we have released our 1st EP, “A Momentary Cocoon Of Memory.” Please check it out!

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Ambient Punk Is Here

Art has the power to combine antithetic concepts into a whole. Maximum with Minimum, Human and Animal, Vertical and Horizontal, Life and Death, and so on. I have been interested in the relation between these things for a long time. Our band name Loving Love takes from artwork by American Contemporary artist Agnes Martin, a fantastic abstract painter influenced by both Japanese Zen and Christian Mysticism. Her work combines both calm and dynamic elements at the same time. Like her, we appreciate artists who attempt to deconstruct borders and attempt to create new worlds and stimulate our creativity.

We call our music, “Ambient Punk.” It’s kind of a joke, made up name for a new genre. But we hope that it encapsulates the fact that our music attempts to also deconstruct boundaries and create new worlds, in our case by having a fierce edge while having a tender heart.


As to our plans from now, we will release a single and music video this year. You will be able to check them at YouTube, Spotify, etc. And we’d love for you to check this out (as well as our EP), as well as following us on social media.

We’ll be playing various live events around Kansai (and maybe even Tokyo) while writing new songs and adapting current songs to our 5th member who will be playing on synth pads. We’re also looking to play our first show abroad, and looking forward to meeting many more interesting and motivating companions on our journey.


Artist’s Note
Kyoto, Japan
Alternative, Ambient, Ambient Punk, Folk, New Age, Rock
art, art project, antithetic concepts, create new worlds, deconstruct borders

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