Leaving The Past Behind

by Gillie McGahee

Leaving The Past Behind by Gillie McGahee(Nocturnal Company)

I first started Nocturnal Company when I got to Albuquerque my freshman year of college. I would stay up all night in my dorm recording on my laptop with the only live instruments being guitar and keyboard. Luckily, I had this roommate (he smoked hella pot and would do things like hollow out watermelons and fill them full of vodka to take to parties while feigning a french accent in the hopes of getting laid) who would stay at his girlfriend’s dorm most of the time.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

During that first year, I played in one band that would practice in the basement/laundry room of the dorm I lived in. Some people loved us; others hated our stinking guts. It was a pretty funny situation. Admittedly, it was fucking loud.

This Sweet Basement

Once I moved out of the dorms and got my own place in the student ghetto, I started recording with a full setup; drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, etc. I had this sweet basement where I could make as much noise as I wanted (my girlfriend at the time could literally fall asleep while I was playing drums next to her, so that worked out pretty well), it’s where “Potentiator” and “Dive Lights” we’re recorded.

I drummed for some different bands during this time in addition to writing my own stuff, and everybody practiced down there, so that basement saw a lot of action. I had two friends who were brothers play with me around this time and we had many live gigs around town. I remember a lot of drunken/drug-fueled evenings in downtown ABQ and the surrounding neighborhoods, whether there was a show or not.

Over a year later, “Variable Wishes” was recorded. It’s the first Nocturnal Company stuff to ever be professionally recorded in a real studio, which was a big milestone for me. It’s actually the same studio that the band I drum for, Post War Germany, recorded our first professional record “Ogalala” in.

It Finally Came to Fruition

Almost two years after I finished college, my dog died, my car was stolen, and my girlfriend and I broke up all around the same time. I lived alone in that house for a few weeks before moving to Colorado. It was one of the darkest times of my life.

Colorado was helpful because I was able to work and save some solid money for a year and a half before moving to Texas. I’ve been back in Texas for almost a year now and just finished recording a new album with one of my best friends from high school at his studio in Elmendorf. I’m really stoked on it; I was able to incorporate a lot of different elements that I’ve always wanted in my music, like a saxophone, for example. One of my friends totally killed it with a sax solo at the end of two separate tracks. I’ve always wanted that, and it finally came to fruition.

I’m not totally sure when the new record’s going to get released, its still in the process of being mixed and mastered.

My True Self

I feel more in touch with who I really am at this point; depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts no longer seem to dominate my attention. In my music, I’ve always tried to convey optimism for life while not being afraid to write about the dark shit. I really feel like the newest material supports that.

I think leaving a lot of the past behind has opened me up and made me a better writer. That’s my goal; to stay open, always be progressing, and to stay in touch with that true self.

Nocturnal Company

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