Lo-fi post-rock electric guitar & beats

by Marcelo Badari (Looming Flames)

Lo-fi post-rock, electric guitar & beats by Marcelo Badari (Looming Flames)
My name is Marcelo Badari, and I am a musician from the southeast region of Brazil. Looming Flames is my instrumental solo project since 2011.

The idea behind Looming Flames is to create music with an electric guitar, a loop pedal, and some effects pedals in a minimalistic way. I also use a Boss SP 202 sampler in my guitar chain. With it, I can have sampled acoustic drum beats, played by me, in my compositions. I have some electronic beats and some noises sampled in the SP 202 as well.

Listen to the track while reading the text.

I think my music is a mix of psychedelic music, post-punk, post-rock, ambient, and electronic music. I like instrumental music because you can leave the audience free to think about what the music brings to their soul and mind.

What inspires me to create music is usually a simple combination of notes, a beat, or an effect. I start playing with them to see what can be achieved. I try to find an equilibrium. I like to post “work in progress” on YouTube and also on Instagram. This way, I can have feedback from my followers, and also meet new friends through my music.

When you listen to one of my tunes on Bandcamp, you can hear (and watch) the exact same tune in a video on YouTube, because I use to record all of my music with video. Then, after the initial recording, I edit the images, add others, or just apply some video effects.

Looming Flames

Looming Flames, Category: Artist, Albums: Gloom, Tremolofisoulbeat, Ertceps Percepts, Looming Flames, Singles: Sketch 9:53, Isso Tudo Nada Mais, Goldeneyed, Several Voices and More, Interstellar Dust, Top Tracks: Ertceps Percepts, No, Not Really, Fullmoonmovement, Several Voices and More, Noite Luzes, Biography: Looming Flames is an instrumental solo project of Marcelo Badari, a musician from the southeast region of Brazil., Monthly Listeners: 2


Artist’s Note
Alternative, Ambient, Post-Rock, Lo-fi, Instrumental, Experimental
guitar, live looping, Video, samples, Beats

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