The Other Creatures – a psycho-punk experimental duo

by Gabriel Marinho da Silva Cavalcanti

The Other Creatures - a psycho-punk experimental duo by Gabriel Marinho da Silva Cavalcanti
We are The Other Creatures, a project of psycho-punk experimental music from Brazil, formed by Gabriel Marinho (a.k.a $eraph) and Juliana Vannucchi. Our music tries to explore unknown universes.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

Our first album is called “The Devil’s Causeway,” and it was released in March 2018. We took a year and a half to finish the project. It is a conceptual album and essentially inspired by an Albrecht Dürer drawing. We were still learning production techniques, so the album sounds very lo-fi, dark, and mysterious.

Our second album was released a few months later, in September 2018 and is called “Wild Flowers.” This one was inspired by dreams and existential perspectives. It’s a complete 180 as compared to our debut. The sounds have better production, and the songs are very raw. The first half is very punk-ish and the other half more emotional and reflective (also scary at times!).

And in September 2019, we released “Onironautas,” which is a very mystical album. It was created from dreams, metaphysical, and mythological influences. Our most ambitious project to date, since we put a lot of effort to be our best and all the songs are very dreaming and relaxing, even when they are unsettling.

The reason behind the fact that we put so much material in a short time span is because we’re always creating something and looking for a new sound that can be interesting to invest into. We have no barriers when it comes to genres and made songs that go from experimental to punk, alternative rock, post-punk, and much more. Our lyrics draw inspiration from dreams, books, films, philosophy, and life experiences.

We like to use various instruments in the recordings: drums, kalimba, guitar, piano, keyboards, and natural sounds. We always try to create different sounds and walk strange paths.

The Other Creatures

The Other Creatures, Category: Artist, Albums: Wild Flowers, The Devil’s Causeway, Singles: Stop Telling Me the Ghosts Put Me Down, The Dance of the Dead Clowns, The Collector, Holly, Snow, Top Tracks: The Dance of the Dead Clowns, Pisces Moon, Stop Telling Me the Ghosts Put Me Down, Scorpion Grasses, Anemone, Monthly Listeners: 2



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Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
Experimental, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Multi-Genre, Post Punk, Indie, Ambient
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