When all else fails, do it yourself

by Context Sensitive

When all else fails, do it yourself by Context Sensitive
You will never know my real name, but will instead know me as Britain Chambers. I am the sole mind behind my band Context Sensitive. Unlike everyone who happens to chase the next big trend or stay within the confounds of genres, I make the music that I like with all the sounds that I desire the music that turns me on. Follow me down the rabbit hole and see how far it goes.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I had tried for years to find the right band. I had played with many different drummers, bassists and guitarists but never felt the chemistry that my musical heroes must have shared with their bandmates. And when I tried to bring in my ideas, everyone else wanted to stick to a formula. The thing about me is I don’t formulaic. I don’t like predictability. And all of this is what lead me to a revelation about the late, great Prince.

Sure, he later had The Revolution, but in studio, he was the man with the power. He was the man behind everything. As a leader and a lover, I like control; I know what I hear in my head and how I want it to sound for my listeners. And just like Prince, I like getting reactions out of people. I’ve always basked in controversy. Perhaps it’s because I was an outcast; perhaps it’s because I like the anarchy. What I do know is that I have a vision. I know where I want to be and what I want to do to get there. This is no time for still waters. I’m here to stir it all up and change your perception of what modern music can be.

When it comes to my production, I enjoy minimalism and lo-fidelity. The less produced I sound, the more down to earth/real the experience is. There is not much that separates myself from the listener. While I do aspire to get produced in a professional studio, it is the ideas of the songs that I want my listeners to focus on.

My mentality with doing everything myself is not only so that I can have control over how I sound, but to inspire others like me. Do not stay stagnate. If you cannot find like-minded musicians, then become an army of one. Adapt to your new roles and become familiar with all of the different sounds. Do not let anything get in between you and your art. And most importantly, I want you wonderful people to all know that I have no let anything discourage me. Even some of the most legendary artists have faced backlash early in their careers. When the world wants to put you down, you say “show me what you’ve got”.

I do not know what my fanbase will consist of. I do not aim to sound like the next big song on Top 40 radio. I am here to be a voice for the outcasts, the poets, those who feel like they are ready to give up, but have gotten their second wind. I have faced disillusionment and discouragement but it only made me stronger. Why lose yourself in the labyrinth when you can just cut your way through it with a chainsaw?

Thank you for reading and I hope this is just the beginning of something beautiful.

Context Sensitive

Context Sensitive. regina, Saskatchewan.



Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Rock, Metal, Alternative, Synth, Glam, Lo-fi, Blues, Jam, Power Pop
Rock, Metal, Alternative, Synth, Glam, Music, Canadian, Independent, Original

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