Becoming the Sun

by Ashley McCausland

Becoming the Sun by Ashley McCausland
Inspirational singer-songwriter/producer Ashley McCausland is a California based Indie-Folk/Grassroots artist who is well known for her heart-felt, catchy songs with unique instrumentation. Ashley’s music is intentional, diverse, timeless and doesn’t follow the rules. Her sweet, tender voice will have you pulling at your heart strings, and will lift your spirit into believing anything is possible as long as you follow your heart. Her debut album, Circle Around the Sun, is just the beginning to the young artist’s musical journey to reach all corners of the universe.

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Buy More Chewing Gum

by Adam Majdecki-Janicki

Buy More Chewing Gum by Adam Majdecki-Janicki
We live in funny times.

The Artist writes his best song for seven years, suffers mental breakdowns, heartbreaks, crazy life situations, misunderstandings, self-doubt, rehabs, and other things that people might encounter in 7 long years. The song is finally ready. He records it. It takes a week. He releases it. Nobody buys it.

In the meantime, The Kid makes a beat on his iPhone; it takes him 3 minutes. He drops it. Someone buys it for $50, to rap about „bitches” over the mindless loop. The Kid buys more chewing gum.

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1 Cabin, 1 Mic, 1 Guitar, 1 Week

by Jack Norton

1 cabin, 1 mic, 1 guitar, 1 week by Jack Norton
I, Jack Norton, am an Emmy Award winning singer-songwriter performing hokum blues and vaudeville folk music. Based in the United States, I recorded my most recent album “Busker’s Blues” in a cabin in a remote part of Manitoba, Canada. Armed only with a mic, a guitar and a week in the woods, the following is a journal kept by me while recording…

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My Musical Influences: From Straight-Up Rock to Minimalism

by Evan Schafer

My Musical Influences: From Straight-Up Rock to Minimalism by Evan Schafer
If there is one thing as a musician and composer that I hate, it’s being asked the question, “So what kinds of music do you like/listen to?” Not only is it an unfair and biased leading question. But when folks like myself answer, “Oh, I like everything,” usually that is met with a smile and nod combo or total silence. Nobody seems to know how to react to the fact that … dear lord … he probably likes classical and jazz too. And yes, this is a very true fact. I’ll even throw in new age for the hell of it! Here, I’m going to talk about another aspect of these different listening habits, though. More in the vein of how many genres and artists have and continue to influence me up to this very stage in my composing career.

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