Becoming the Sun

by Ashley McCausland

Becoming the Sun by Ashley McCausland
Inspirational singer-songwriter/producer Ashley McCausland is a California based Indie-Folk/Grassroots artist who is well known for her heart-felt, catchy songs with unique instrumentation. Ashley’s music is intentional, diverse, timeless and doesn’t follow the rules. Her sweet, tender voice will have you pulling at your heart strings, and will lift your spirit into believing anything is possible as long as you follow your heart. Her debut album, Circle Around the Sun, is just the beginning to the young artist’s musical journey to reach all corners of the universe.

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The Beginning

My musical journey started in third grade when I inherited my mother’s old clarinet. I was in a band from elementary up till high school. And I loved being in a band so much, creating music with others, I was mesmerized by every section of the band coming together to create the layers of a complete masterpiece. While I loved playing clarinet, at the time it was just a school activity for me. I had no idea that making music was at the heart of my spirit, that I would become an artist.

Growing up was a very difficult time, I think the universe knew that I needed an outlet that would become my refuge, a mirror, a shovel to dig a garden in my soul. I had all the potential in the world but no guidance, no stability at home, I was living in a constant battlefield. I was angry, depressed, and lost. Much more, I was not excelling in school, and I had very few friends.

One day, a childhood friend showed me their guitar. I was holding the guitar in my hands, and I felt a connection. It’s that feeling when you know the universe is trying tell you something, where you become so aware of that moment that it stays with you for the rest of your life. I felt like I needed music back in my life, and that the universe was telling me to get a guitar. After I got my first guitar, I was in my room everyday practicing, teaching myself, and learning songs. I wrote my first song at age 18.


I grew up listening to my parents music: Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Grateful Dead, The Doors, Judy Collins, John Denver, and Neil Young to name a few. Folk music is what I connected with the most. What inspires me about folk music is the intimacy, the story telling, and the bold messages conveyed in a poetic way.

The concept of Dylan’s protest songs appealed to me as a young girl who was easily made to be an afterthought, someone to look down upon and pushed to the side and forgotten. I wanted to create music so my voice could be heard. My love for folk music kept me focused on writing powerful and thoughtful lyrics. Writing became my greatest strength.


I had written so many songs and didn’t know what to do with them. I knew I wanted to share my music, but I wasn’t keen on performing and knew nothing about recording. One year, I made a New Year’s resolution to attend to a local open mic every week, and I eventually grew into a performer. I wanted to do more than just sing one song a week in front of an audience, I knew that I needed to start recording, but it was so foreign to me. Since I was going to school and working full-time, I didn’t put much more thought into it, until the universe brought me a gift.

I met my dear friend, and producer Jeff McFarland, who agreed to help me record my first full length record. From Jeff, I learned everything: mic placement, making mixes, producing, networking, getting gigs, and creating beautiful tracks for my songs. We did it old school using a 12 track Roland BR-1200. I networked and made many music friends. The universe gifted me with an abundance of musicians who wanted to be a part of my album.

Becoming the Sun

After 5 years, I completed my first LP, Circle Around the Sun. The album’s foundation is folk, and features an array of instrumentation, giving each song its own unique power. Every artists’ first album is their baby, this album is no exception. Circle Around the Sun is an insight into myself and my music manifesto: ignite the sun inside every being, write timeless pieces for all generations, creeds, colors, and backgrounds, and lastly, to inspire and change the world through music.

Ashley McCausland

Ashley McCausland, Category: Artist, Albums: Circle Around the Sun, Top Tracks: Circle Around the Sun, Mexico City, I Can Dream, Yes, I Do, Independent Woman, Biography: Inspirational singer-songwriter/producer Ashley McCausland is a California based Indie-Folk/Grassroots artist who is well known for her heart-felt, catchy songs with unique instrumentation., Monthly Listeners: 49, Where People Listen: Tustin, Los Angeles, Central, Jakarta, Rishon LeZiyyon

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