Not Needing To Live Up To An Image

by Sound Furies

Sound Furies

Our story is that we have no story, at least not one that is interesting for a lot of people. We’ve always thought it strange that musicians need to have a story or an image for people to listen to their music when it is a purely aural art form. Our music as “Sound Furies” speaks for itself; it is its own entity that tells its own stories.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

The parents of this musical entity are an un-hip couple that has been married 27 years, both working in fields that have nothing to do with music. One is a professor at Columbia University, and the other is a small press book publisher who also makes books anon/pseudonymously.

We are not on social media.

We just make music for ourselves, for the love of music, typically releasing albums on our anniversary. Of the above album, un, we only made two copies.

All the music is literally homemade, recorded in whatever house or apartment we live in. The primary song-writer has been doing this off + on since the late ‘80s, back then on a 4-track cassette recorder, living in the back of a camper truck (re-released recently under the name of “Unknown Artist 22/11/66”).

In one sense, we are fortunate no one listens to our music as this enables us to keep making music we want to make, not what is expected of us. It lets us stay true to ourselves and our music.


Artist’s Note
New York, New York
Alternative, Blues, Goth, Noise, Rock, World Folk
married couple, aural art, homerecording, DIY

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