Pushing The Boundaries By Collaboration

by Hevi Levi

Hevi Levi

Asher Swisa and I share a profound connection that has spanned many years, our paths intertwining naturally within the music world.

Our fateful encounter occurred at an electrifying event hosted by my label during the esteemed Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Playing together that night only deepened our bond, and it was clear that our shared passion for music would lead us to embark on a creative journey together.

Listen to the track while reading the text.

The magic truly began when we decided to collaborate on our debut track, “Ten Elephants,” just a few months after that unforgettable ADE experience. The chemistry in the studio was undeniable, marking the beginning of a thrilling artistic partnership.

Our collaboration evolved as we continued exploring new sonic territories, culminating in releasing our latest masterpiece, “My Oasis.” Asher’s legendary status as a psytrance maestro through his “Skazi” project added an exciting dimension to our musical alliance.

Beyond the studio, our friendship flourished, strengthened by mutual admiration and respect. It was during a casual phone call that fate intervened once more. I unexpectedly heard the mesmerizing vocals we eventually used for “My Oasis” over the phone. Intrigued, I asked Asher to send it to me, igniting our track’s creative spark. We decided to infuse it with a blend of genres, embracing simplicity, minimalism, and a powerful impact.

Together, Asher and I continue to push the boundaries of our artistic endeavors, fueled by a shared love for music and a deep-rooted friendship that has stood the test of time. The journey we’ve embarked upon is not just a musical exploration; it’s an unforgettable experience of growth, inspiration, and camaraderie that propels us forward on our creative odyssey.

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Tel Aviv, Israel
Electronic, Dance
collaboration, dj, producer

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