Tuesday Atlas: The Ghost in Your Attic

by Tuesday Atlas

Tuesday Atlas: The Ghost in Your Attic

What do you get when you combine the funky bass lines of the Chili Peppers, the haunting vocals of Nirvana, the screeching leads of Buckethead, the beefy guitars of Basement, and the powerful rumble of Balance and Composure drumming? A cacophony of styles and tastes blend into a unique representation of alternative rock music in the form of Tuesday Atlas. We just like to make songs that get stuck in your head, like a ghost in your attic.

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As an anxious and admittedly depressed small-town Indiana teenager, Dakota Boggs always found solace in playing music. Inspired at first by the music of the late Kurt Cobain and Nirvana and then later on by groups such as Pinback and Manchester Orchestra, Boggs began his musical journey writing on his acoustic guitar and singing lyrics scratched out in a black composition notebook.


A one-off encounter with then-guitar player Sisco, who would become a lifelong friend and later the bassist for Tuesday Atlas, led the two to begin their musical journey for real. The duo wrote and performed multitudes of songs at open mic nights at coffee shops as a way to break into the music scene.

Over the years and through a stint with punk band Dear Darla, Sisco and Boggs solidified that they wanted to remain in music together. Boggs, having written so many songs over his first years in music, was faced with the decision to form his own project out of material he had lying around.


Using the connections he had made during tours with Dear Darla, Boggs and Sisco were able to recruit drummer Mackenzi Lowry, who had played in another band during their time in Dear Darla. In 2016, Tuesday Atlas had become a legitimate project.

For two years, the triumvirate gigged out and wrote material for an eventual recorded release, but it wasn’t until 2018 that The Split was made available online for the world to hear. Visitors, the first of a multi-part series intended to guide people through a process of self-reflection, was released in September of 2018, just as we announced that we would be adding Skyler Newsome to our lineup as lead guitarist.


Newsome had gone to high school with Boggs and Sisco for a year before moving back to his childhood home and then off to college. Despite the distance, their friendship remained strong, and Newsome was offered the job after he had spent the summer recording music videos for the band.

With Tuesday Atlas now at a 4-piece, we were poised to really make some unique music. However, at the turn of the new year, conflict arose between Lowry and the other members, and by February 2019, the decision to remove her from the group had been made.

Easton Hawk, a notoriously gifted drummer who also plays in Fort Wayne’s Dormant, came out of the woodwork as a fan of Tuesday Atlas and offered his services, to which the remaining members cheered with glee. February 19th, 2019, two weeks after Hawk joined the band, today’s Tuesday Atlas played their first show.


Since then, we’ve enjoyed a nearly constant stream of live performances, usually playing at least 1-2 per week all over northern Indiana and the midwest. From Manchester Orchestra, Pinback, Gojira, Tom Waits, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Buckethead, Balance and Composure and Basement, we let all of our influences momentarily shine through a refreshing take on alternative rock.

Since Hawk joined the band in February 2019, we have released a wildly successful EP called “Hell Has a Sound” and have accrued a dedicated fanbase in the United States as well as Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Italy and the UK. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, as we’ve already announced that we are going back into the studio July/August 2019 to record the follow-up to “Hell Has a Sound” and the third installment of the Visitors series.

At the end of the day, all that Tuesday Atlas really wants is for people to be able to relate to our music, to hear something that helps them cope with the pain, turmoil and toxic thoughts that pervade the mind, because that’s what the music has always been about for us. We love our craft, we love our music and we love performing it, and the goal is to bring out that love in everyone who hears it. We just like to make songs that get stuck in your head, like a ghost in your attic.

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Tuesday Atlas

Tuesday Atlas, Category: Artist, Singles: Hell Has a Sound, As the Window Moves, Visitors, The Split, Top Tracks: Hell Has a Sound, Legends of the Lake, Weak Knees, As the Window Moves, Another Water, Biography: Tuesday Atlas is a 4-piece alternative/post-rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana., Monthly Listeners: 211, Where People Listen: Lima, Indianapolis, Mexico City, Chicago, Fort Wayne


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