Faeria – Music About The Magic That Exists Inside Everyone

by Pavel Maschenko

Faeria - Music About The Magic That Exists Inside Everyone by Pavel Maschenko
Hello, my name is Pavel Maschenko. I live in Samara, an industrial city in the south-east of the European part of Russia, located on the eastern bank of the Volga River. With a little more than 1 million inhabitants, it is the sixth biggest city in Russia.

Faeria is the music to which I dedicate as much of myself as I can. Through the creative process, I strive to make music that will help in your everyday deeds or thoughts about anything.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I began to play instrumental music while I was living in the United States of America. In the very beginning of my journey in a foreign land, I discovered that the only way for me to openly communicate with others was through music. While I was jamming out with local musicians, I started to realize just how powerful music is — it’s a truly universal language that helps people understand one another from soul to soul.

So I’ve begun to learn how to translate that experience to music. Actually, I’m still learning!

I’ve always wanted to write music for people so they could do things, think, relax, and if they’re struggling with something, maybe music could help them. That became the main inspiration for me.

When I was composing and playing compositions, I noticed the feeling like I was somewhere else, some other place. Well, it looked normal but felt different. I started to read books about that topic, and one day I found “On Fairy-Stories” by J. R. R. Tolkien, where he writes about imaginary worlds and fairy tales in people’s lives. That’s where the name came from, the imaginary world called Faeria. I knew that was it.

That’s how Faeria started: music about the magic that exists inside everyone.


Faeria, Category: Artist, Albums: Faeria Live 26.05.19, Don’t Disturb the Birdsong, Library of Unspeakable Words, Music of Leaves of the Silver Tree, Top Tracks: Above the Sleeping Roofs, Chasing Clouds, The Forest – Live, Rain Always Comes With Rainbow, Komorebi, Biography: Faeria is music that resonates with what is deep inside us, where the real and the unreal merge, where not the exact outlines but your inner experiences are important., Monthly Listeners: 5, Where People Listen: Riga, Washington, Warsaw, Witham, Malvern



Artist’s Note
Samara, Russia
Alternative, Instrumental
guitarist, foreigner, communication, imagination, fairy stories, Tolkien

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